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Coach Sean Maye is a difference maker. He makes good athletes great and makes great athletes

champions. Both of our daughters, Amy and Sarah, have trained with Coach Sean Maye. Amy, our oldest daughter, was a two sport (track and soccer) athlete in high school. Her freshman and sophomore years, she focused on soccer - playing high school in the fall and club soccer in the spring. She started participating in high school track during her sophomore year. At the region meet, Amy just missed qualifying for the state championship meet by one or two places in the 100-meter, 200-meter and the long jump.

Amy was determined to qualify for state track meet during her junior year. She made the difficult decision to quit playing club soccer in the spring, allowing her to focus on track. In January, we found GMA and Amy started training with Coach Maye. During her junior year, Amy did more than qualify for state. She also placed 2nd in the 100-meter, 3rd in the 200-meter and 4th in the long jump. During her senior year, she was the 4A state champion in the 100-meter and 200-meter and placed 3rd in the long jump.

Sarah, our youngest daughter, started with GMA during her freshman year – the year after Amy

finished. After Amy’s success, we knew that Coach Maye would also maximize Sarah’s abilities.

During Sarah’s first race at the BYU Indoor Invitational Meet, she broke Amy’s school record in

the 60-meter and took 2nd place in the finals – as a freshman! In her first race of the outdoor

season, she broke the school record in the 100-meter. Later that week, Sarah placed 1st in both

the 100-meter and 200-meter at the Snow Canyon Invitational Meet. Unfortunately, after only

two outdoor meets all high school spring sports were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will never know if Sarah would have won the 100-meter and 200-meter state championships her freshman year.


However, she was the 5A state champion in the 100-meter and 200-meter races her sophomore and junior years. Her senior year, she repeated as state champion in the 100-meter and 200-meter and added the 400-meter. She set the state record in the 200-meter her junior year and broke her own record her senior year. She also broke the record in the 60-meter at the BYU Invitational Meet her senior year. Coach Sean Maye and the Gold Medal Athletics Track Club makes a difference. Why? Because coaching matters. Sean’s individualized approach helps runners achieve their highest level of fitness and optimal form – peaking when it matters. Also, training with and competing against the fastest runners in the state at GMA practice 2-3 times a week maximizes training sessions and boosts confidence.

If your child loves running, Coach Maye is the person who will take them to the next level. We

are grateful for Sean. Thanks to him, our daughters – and numerous other GMA athletes – are

competing as scholarship track athletes in college. Between both daughters, we spent six wonderful years as a part of the GMA family. We give Coach Maye and GMA our highest recommendation!

Jim and Jenny Ballard

-Sarah Ballard (Lehi 23)

3 x 5A 100m State Champ)

3 x 5A 200m State Champ)

5A 400m State Champ 23)

2 x 5A 200m State Record Holder)


Training with GMA was absolutely the best decision for my son, Colby Anderson. From the moment we met with Coach Maye, Colby could see his life was about to change. Not only was he an amazing source of experience and knowledge,  but he really listened to Colby and gave him the tools to get his confidence back after he had struggled with his High School Coaches his Junior Year. Coach Maye is always positive, upbeat, patient, attentive…the list goes on and on. His experiences with being a HIGHLY successful track athlete translates to his team and their success.

Colby always had one goal he was striving for, to be a 6A State Champion before he graduated. Competing in a very talented sprint division would make this extremely challenging. Coach Maye never doubted that Colby could be a Champion. He made sure to design his workouts specifically to fix areas that he struggled with, and when Colby was doubting himself the GMA Coaches were right there to give him the confidence he needed. In the end Colby did reach his goal, and was State Champion in the 400m. He not only took almost a full second off of his PR, but was .04 away from the 6A State Record. I will be forever grateful to GMA for giving my son this opportunity, it was a day he will never forget.

You will absolutely want Coach Maye by your side while you're navigating College Recruitment. Not only did he reach out to Coaches on our behalf and set up visits, but he was there for all of our questions and to check in with Colby after a visit to discuss pros and cons.


Coach Maye is such an asset in the Track and Field community, he has great relationships with all of the Utah College Coaches and he is the first one they reach out to when they want to contact an Athlete they are interested in. If I had one thing I could change in my time with Gold Medal Athletics, it would be to have joined much sooner. I wish Colby had more than just a year with Coach Maye and the GMA network of Coaches, Parents and Teammates. This team is like a family, it is such a positive, upbeat atmosphere. Not only has my son made lifelong friends, I have Coaches and Parents that I can turn to for many years to come. Colby had an amazing Senior season as a confident, happy and successful sprinter thanks to GMA. Coach Maye has been an amazing role model and I know he'll be a part of Colby's life for many years to come. 

(Colby Anderson)

The decision to train with Sean Maye and GMA has been one of the best in my life. Not only was I given some of the best direction a high school track athlete can get, but I also got to experience an extraordinary team to train with. The care I got from Coach Maye and the connections he helped me build will forever have a positive impact on my life. I was skeptical at first with the long commute practice would require, but the quality of training and attention to detail made it beyond worth it. My time with GMA made me fall more deeply in love with a sport that I had grown tired of, and because of that, I would recommend it to any athlete who has a passion for track and field. 

-Dixie and Colby Anderson (Hooper, UT)

All-State Academic Recipient

400m- 47.53 (49.05 before joining GMA) 

200m- 21.88

100m- 10.81

60m-    6.93


-Colby Anderson (Roy 23) 

6A 400m State Champ 23)

6A 200m Finalist 23)

We are so grateful for GMA!  My daughter (Amare Harlan) started training her senior year with GMA, and I regret not doing it sooner!  Being my daughter's High School track coach, I was apprehensive to trust many people with her training.  Coach Maye impressed me with his knowledge, programming and passion, which led to an easy decision to work with him!!  He truly cares about each one of his athletes and works with them to achieve individual goals.  Amare loved going to practice, she actually looked forward to it!!  Coach Maye has created an amazing training environment and culture with GMA, that provides some of the best athletes in the state the opportunity to train together. Practice is organized, challenging, productive and fun.  Coach Maye has the ability to really challenge the athletes, but also excite them so they want to work hard.  His focus on technique and also proper programming is of the highest level.  We are grateful for the work he put in with Amare, especially with her starts and also race pacing.  He took the time to really get to know Amare and understand what she needed to reach her goals.   He really believes in his athletes and holds them to high expectations. By expecting big things, athletes can achieve big things, and he provides a way to get there.  He is the biggest HYPE man, he is there to call out splits, push past your limits, but he is also each of his athlete’s biggest fan.  I commend how invested he is with each athlete he works with. 

In addition to excellent training and programming, GMA provides the opportunity for parents and athletes from all over the state to network and form a track family.  Although we were not part of GMA for an extended period, the time we had training with them gave us the opportunity to build friendships and support systems.  Going to Invitationals and seeing all the athletes represent their own school, but still cheering and supporting each other was probably my favorite part of GMA. It is a culture and experience I am very grateful we got to be part of. The coaches were very supportive every step of the way. Through preseason training, indoor and outdoor, they are there to give feedback, support and guidance.

During her senior season of track, Amare broke her own state record in the 100m and was able to bring her time down meet after meet (11.43) In the 200m she was able to get the 200m state record and reach her goal of running a low 23 second 200 (23.30).  Coach Maye belief in her along with her training had a big part of her success. Being able to train all winter with the best of the best, doing the best of the best workouts highly contributed to her success. After our experience working with GMA, I have recommended athletes at the high school I coach to train with GMA and work with Coach Maye. I believe he has the ability to make fast athletes ELITE and open doors to the next level. I cannot say enough about the support and love we felt from GMA coaches, teammates and parents.  GMA is an incredible track program and we would recommend anyone who has an athlete who wants to take track seriously and get to the next level to train with GMA!  

-Kelly Harlan

Fremont Track and Field Head Coach and Amare Harlan's mom

-Amere Harlen (Fremont 23) 

6A 100m State Champ 23)

6A 200m State Champ 23)

6A 100m State Record 11.43)

6A 200m State Record 23.30)

Indoor State Record 200m 24.05)

Indoor State Record 60m 7.47)

GMA has been such a huge part of Sydney’s success as a high school track athlete! In the 10th grade, she was already a driven and hard working hurdler, but knew that she needed help with her technique to really reach the next level. That’s when she was introduced to Sean and GMA. 


She thrived under the coaching and loved being able to practice with some of the best athletes in Utah. After training hard at GMA and with her high school coaches, she ended up winning the 5A 300H as a sophomore! She continued that pattern of success through her junior and senior years, ending as the fastest high school girl in Utah for 300H and second fastest in the 100H. 


GMA taught Sydney so many skills, and most of all gave her the confidence to know that she could reach her goals. Sean is also amazing at putting together the right workout at the right time, and caters to the individual and what will give them the greatest advantage at upcoming meets. If you have an athlete who is willing to put in the work, GMA is the place to take them from good to great! 

-Alison Watson

-Sydney Watson (Springville 23) 

5A 300 Hurdles State Champ 23)

5A 300 Hurdles State Champ 21)

As a parent of an athlete - I've always tried to be as committed to my son's success as much as he commits himself. I can't be on the track pushing him or coaching him, but I can provide the tools to help him achieve his dreams. Finding GMA was like finding the dream tool - one that can do everything. From physical training to mental and emotional support - it was such a massive help to find Sean, Brandon and Brilee. Aside from the training, the team environment and the other athletes is really what makes GMA amazing. We made instant friends that were supportive but also friends that challenged my son to excel. Whether it be day or night, the coaching staff was always available and I have felt like they were invested in my son from day one. I would recommend GMA to any parent or athlete trying to "up their game" without hesitation. It was a fantastic experience for both my son and for me as his mom. I only wish we would have done it sooner!

-Collin Petersen (Mountain View 23)

5A 400m State Runner-up 23)

Couch Maye and Gold Medal Athletics made the difference in my training that took me to the top and ultimately a scholarship! Before I started training with Coach Maye, I didn’t have the best advice. My goal was to be able to run back-to-back races 400M and then a 300M Hurdles!  Those I trained with told me to choose one or the other, but I wanted to do both. They said it was impossible, but Coach Maye told me different and he was right! I would drive 2 hours to practice and then 2 hours back home after practice. I would do this 2-3 times each week, but it was worth it and I saw huge improvements in my running ability, improvement that I had never seen before!


GMA helped me to push past my limits and achieve my goals with great advice, helped me improve my running in every aspect, from form, and muscle tone, to nutrition and mentality. Coach Maye is one of the greatest coaches I have ever worked with, and a truly great experience learning from him. Couldn’t have done what I did without his help!

-Brock Parson (Ridgeline 23) 

4A 300m Hurdles 3rd 23)

I started running with Sean and GMA halfway through my freshman year of high school, which also turned out to be the dreaded year of COVID. Sean started by teaching me technique, and even though I was young and had a long way to go, he never gave up on me. Even though sports were basically shut down that year, Sean found a way to help each athlete so we didn’t miss that critical year of development.

By my senior year, GMA made all the difference in my life – both on and off the track. I had become a competitive athlete, and I had a support system like no other. I had friends and teammates at every meet, even though we attended different high schools and wore different colors. I learned to be tough, both mentally and physically. I gained experience that I never would have gotten from high school training, and that gave me the opportunity to become a college athlete. I have younger siblings who run with GMA because my experience was so great. There is no way I can ever say enough good about Sean and GMA!

-Jonathan Pugmire (Maple Mountain 23)

5A State Finalist 200m,400m 


I am writing this testimonial as a proud parent to share my thoughts and experiences regarding my daughter, Jada’s, one year journey with Gold Medal Athletics . It was a remarkable and transformative year for her, and I am so grateful for the opportunities and growth she had experienced during her time with GMA. The only regret is that we didn’t join GMA earlier in Jada’s career.


From the moment Jada joined Gold Medal Athletics, it was evident that she was in the hands of a very dedicated and knowledgeable coaching staff. Coach Sean Maye’s commitment to nurturing young athletes, and helping them reach their full potential, is truly commendable. Jada‘s progress over the past year is a true testament to GMA!


The supportive, encouraging environment provided by GMA, played a significant role in Jada‘s growth. She formed strong bonds with her coaches and teammates, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that boosted her self-confidence.

After one year with GMA, Jada won 3 State Titles, and became one of the few athletes to win the “Triple”.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire GMA team for the tireless efforts in helping Jada pursue her passion for track and field. Thank you again for the exceptional program and support you all provided to Jada. I look forward to watching her continued growth and success as she pursues her athletic dreams at Fresno State. 


-Keri Crockett

-Jada Crockett (Rowland Hall 23) 

2A 100m State Champ 23)

2A 200m State Champ 23)

2A 400m State Champ 23)

Gold medal athletics has been an incredible experience. The coaches are amazing and push you to get faster. They are very organized and have new workouts each day. The coaches truly care to help you reach your full potential as an athlete. I started going to Gold medal athletics my sophomore year of high school, and my mile time was 5:40. By the end of the season, I was running a 5:12. The atmosphere is good to push you to the next level. The coaches even make personal phone calls to check on your results after meets. The coaches make you feel important, and are determined to help you improve. I achieved my goal of running a 5:00 mile my senior year. My 800 improved from a 2:30 to a 2:14. I also earned a scholarship to Utah State University for track & field and cross country. I would definitely recommend Gold medal athletics to help you achieve your goals!

-Caroline Moon (Lehi High 23) 

5A State 800m runner-up 22)

5A State 800m 3rd 23)

I have so many good things to say about GMA, but I can’t write them all or we’d be here awhile. Here are a few of them. I just love the atmosphere of GMA; the people and coaches are all amazing and I have made some super good friends from this team! The workouts were tough, but I trusted Sean and put all my effort into his workouts and so did my teammates. Everyone is so dedicated, and we all push each other! GMA has helped me so much and my times show that. My junior year I took ninth in prelims at state in the 110 hurdles just barely missing finals by 0.02 seconds.


I was devastated and I wanted to do all I could to come back next year and dominate. I wasn’t quite sure how to do that and then my teammate (Isaiah Tuai) told me about GMA and how much it helped him. And so I talked to Sean and joined the team. I started training in June of 2021. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t know it was going to be that hard! I threw up at both my first and second practices. From my junior year to my senior year, my times improved so much!


I went from a 15.77 to a 14.58 in the 110 hurdles and was the 5A state champion. My 300 hurdles went from a 42.40 to a 38.63. And my time in the 4x400 relay went from a 52 split to a 48 split! I’m so grateful for Coach Sean and Diaz for helping me achieve my goals. Thank you, Sean, for pushing me past my limits and helping me get to where I never thought I could get! I will forever be grateful! Thank you so much, GMA!!

-Ben Johansen (Lehi High 22) 

5A State Champ 110 hurdles 22)

Gold medal athletics has probably been the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve learned so much from the team and the coaches about myself and track. Sean is super dedicated to all of his athletes and puts so much time into all of us that it’s actually insane. He forms bonds with his athletes and actually really cares about you.  I’ve become so much more mentally strong and physically tough just because of him. I’ve learned that anything is possible if you put in enough work. Just from the 8ish months, I’ve been with him, I went from a 62 average 400 to running 55.33 and winning 5a state. The program is so well thought through and built because he’s had so much experience in this field and truly knows what he’s talking about, because of his program I prd at state by 1.2 seconds. Lots of my other coaches told me that if I did GMA then I would be burnt out or I would peak before I was supposed to, but I peaked at just the right time entirely because of GMA, and I’m still making goals to drop another 2-3 seconds. If it wasn’t for Sean and his coaches I can surely say that I would not be where I am today.  GMA is a lot of work and you have to be ready to push your body- but in the end, it’s all worth it once you see your times starting to drop. If running in college is something you want to do, you need to be with Sean and GMA.


-Madi Durant  (Wasatch High 23)

5A 400m State Champ 22)

5A100m Runner-up 22)

5A 200m Runner-up 22

I started training with Sean at the end of November of my senior year. I didn’t get the results I wanted from my Lone Peak High School coaches so I went to GMA. I noticed that most of the top girls in the state trained with Sean and later learned that that was no accident. Since I am playing volleyball in college, my senior track season was my last chance to improve my times. I walked into my first practice and Sean and Diaz were so welcoming. The workouts are strategic. Sean trained me full time and he took into account that I was playing club volleyball. He made sure not to overwork me. Not only did he know exactly when to push me and exactly when to let me rest but he knows that for every one of his athletes. Sean was very flexible with my busy volleyball schedule. I missed eight track meets which made my results even more impressive. My experience with GMA was amazing and I could never have dropped my times so much without Sean and Diaz’s help. I walked away not only reaching but exceeding my goals and expectations while gaining lifelong friends in the process.


400m Dash


200m Dash


100m Dash


-Hannah Hawkins (Long Peak 22)

We wanted our daughter to attend a STEM high school with rigorous academics so she could get ahead and earn her associate's degree in high school. However, running had always been important to her and there wasn't an athletic program at the school we selected. We wanted her to keep up her passion for sprinting and have the opportunity to be part of a team. We also felt the physical fitness, goal setting and the other benefits of competitive sports are important for balance and happiness. Joining Gold Medal Athletics was a great solution because she could attend the charter school and still have the experiences of being coached, training as a member of an athletic team, and traveling for competitions. Thanks, Sean, for making this possible and for four years of being a positive and motivating force for good in our daughter's life. This program isn't just about running because it also teaches motivation, goal setting, patience, work ethic, nutrition, and other life skills.

-Michael and Kristilee Manuel (Timpview 22)

I can start by saying I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sean and GMA. Sean truly knows what is best for each of his athletes and he loves cheering us all on. He has not only helped me improve physically, but he has helped me mentally as well. After a rough junior season, battling injury and never truly knowing my potential, Sean was able to see that potential and turn it into something great. I  had run consistent times junior season but I never really felt like I was improving. I was working hard at high school training and pushing myself, but I never felt like I was getting better. After talking to Sean at state junior year, I decided I wanted to train with him along with high school to truly see how well I could improve. After months of hard work, Sean was able to help me be a consistent 55s 400 runner, 24s  200 runner and sub 12 100 runner. He was able to help me balance club work with high school work and my high school coaches were willing to help how they could to help me reach my goals for my senior season.

I will forever be grateful for the amazing training and friendships I’ve gained from training with GMA. I’ve loved getting to know so many more people from a variety of schools, and it has made my high school track season unforgettable. Thank you, Sean, coach Diaz, and coach Brilee for believing in me and pushing me to my limits to help me become not only the best athlete I could be but for helping me become the person I’d like to be. 

-Marianne Barber (Farmington 22)


GMA has been such a good experience for me as an individual and an athlete. The team was fun to be around and I made a lot of good friends. Sean’s dedication and commitment to me, even though I lived four hours away from the team, was inspiring and helped me to push through the tough workouts. Not only that but the workouts I was doing made me much stronger and faster than before I started with GMA. Without the help of GMA as a whole, I would not be as successful as I am on the track today. Thank you to Sean and GMA!

400m: 56.40 400m: 55.30 6A State Champion
100m: 12.20 100m: 11.77 6A State runner-up

200m: 25.04 200m: 24.28/24.00w 6A State runner-up

-Spencer Carlile (Dixie High 21) 4A 300H State Champion

Our daughter Brilee started running in the 7th grade and loved it. She was always a good runner and did very well in her races. She qualified for Alpine days her 7th-grade year and was one of the top finishers in her races 100, 200, and 400m. We could see potential but didn't know where to turn for help. She had great Junior High and High School coaches who pushed her to be better.


She ran at State in the 200m (26.11) and 400m (57.86) her freshman year. We had heard about Sean with Gold Medal Athletics and we were noticing that all the athletes who were on the podium were athletes he was working with.


In her Sophomore year, she did very well 200m (25.77) and the 400m (57.41)  we knew at that point we needed extra help fine-tuning her running.


Since she has been with Gold Medal Athletics she has broken the school records in the 100m, 200m, 400m, and in 2020 as a Junior she ran The 100, 200m  at the Utah club State championships breaking State records. In her Senior year, she lead the State as a State Champion in the 400m with a time of 55.50 and dropped her 100m time to12.02 and her 200m time to 24.40.


We have never worked with nor seen a coach so invested in his athletes. He knows each individual athlete's strengths, weaknesses and he motivates those athletes to not only be great runners but to become the best version of themselves.  Each workout is tailored to the individual athlete. He doesn't overtrain. His workouts are carefully thought through so the runner will peak at the necessary points in the indoor or outdoor season to have their best race when it counts. His runners are rarely if ever experiencing injuries because he understands surfaces and the impacts they have on the body, he understands quality vs quantity of the workouts.  He isn't full of empty promises. He produces results and his runners become the best.  He is kind and respectful. He has no need to yell and scream, demean, or intimidate the athletes. They respect him and he respects them. Thus he gets the results he promises.  Our only regret is not getting Brilee involved sooner. 

-Brilee Pontius (West Lake High 21) 6A 400m State Champion

Adi started running with GMA her sophomore year and it was a tremendous experience for her and for our whole family. In the 3 years of her training with GMA we saw an incredible increase in speed, in ability, in technique, in strength, in confidence, and in endurance. We loved the environment that Sean created. His coaching was professional and targeted each athlete. He showed tremendous interest in Adi’s successes with one-on-one focus on her strengths and weaknesses and a real interest in seeing her be her best. His program is elite, with physical and psychological, and nutritional focuses.

We found one of the most valuable results of training with GMA was that Adi trained with and ran head-to-head with some of the fastest girls in the state 2-3 times a week. With the excellent training and the elite competitors that she was training with she was put into the best position possible to be successful.

We can’t say enough about the environment that Sean created that allows these kids to compete against each other, pushing each other to limits that would not be possible otherwise while also allowing them to become teammates and cherished friends! We loved following all of the GMA athletes through the years and across all divisions in the state.


We highly recommend anyone who is serious about maximizing their talent consider GMA for their training.  Adi will run for Utah State this fall.

The results of her training speak for themselves:

When Adi started with GMA her times were

300 Hurdles-45.90

200 Meters-26.27

100 Meters-13.22

400 Meters-1.00.60

Adi’s finished High School career times:

300 Hurdles- 43.09

200 Meters-24.87

100 Meters-12.31

400 Meters-56.10

-Adi Nielson (Delta 21) 10x State Champion 400m / 300H

I’m sitting here thinking about all the great things I've gained from Gold Medal Athletics and all the unforgettable memories I've made with the GMA family. When I was introduced to GMA I was impressed with how much fun I was having and how welcoming everyone was! Whenever I was physically or mentally exhausted from the day or the 1hr 50min car drive to get to practice I was always thrilled to be there knowing I can be myself and win the day by doing the best things I can be doing to get faster with Coach Maye’s help. Some of my friends and family would call me crazy to drive 1hr and 50min twice a week to practice. And every time they would mention that I would say they don't know what it does for me and how awesome it is to have a great group of people to help me get faster, smarter, and have memories that I don't want to forget.   


Coach Maye wasn't just my Coach, he was a friend. Sean would Coach me with a passion and a care and desire to see me reach my goals. However much effort I gave, is not even the same compared to how much I received in return from Coach Maye and the workouts. Now that I graduated High School I have no regrets doing Gold Medal Athletics, other than not doing GMA earlier in my years of High School. Sean and the GMA family has pushed me and helped me grow to reach my goals of getting a track scholarship. I am so grateful for the people that have been there to help me in my journey of getting where I am, and it all started with Gold Medal athletics.   


-Treven Brazier (Emery High 21) 3x State Champion

I would not have enjoyed my last high school track season as much as I did without Sean and the GMA Family. 


In 13 months I dropped from...

100:     11.59  ->     10.9  (in practice)      0.69 sec

200:     23.43  ->     21.86                          1.57 sec.

400:     51.04  ->     48.5                            2.54 sec!


During Covid with only 2 outdoor meets my senior year.

And it wasn't just the killer workouts that helped me. Nutrition was a big focus, I knew exactly what to eat and when on race day, and between the races themselves. And going through race strategies that Sean used himself and running the race correctly contributed much as well.


I'm also grateful for the friends I made while running with GMA. There would be times at meets where 5 or more of us in the same heat and we would always warm up together. And we would always go out to eat after the meets and have fun.


The practice was always a good time, it was always hard but we would have fun and joke around during the less intense parts, like the warm-up. Everyone takes it seriously and really wants to improve, the good attitudes and hard work are contagious and help you train harder and pace correctly.


Thank you, Sean and GMA!

-Tyler Oustrich (Lehi High 20)


Sean has helped me grow in so many ways. Not only as an athlete but as a person. He has taught me the value of hard work, and that I can do anything I set my mind to. Sean has coached me from being top 25 in the state, to being number one in the state in all my events. Sean has such a personal connection with all of his athletes, and he knows exactly what each person on the team needs to reach their goals. There is such a positive environment at his practices, all the athletes are so supportive of each other, and every practice is extremely productive because you are practicing with the fastest kids in the state. Sean is such a skilled coach, that he told me what times I would run going into every meet, and I would hit them every time. He is the most dedicated coach, he not only helps us run faster, he helps us eat better, recover better, and lift better. Sean can see everyone's full potential, and he makes sure we all reach it. With only one year of training with him, I went from running 12.8, 25.77, and 57.86 to running 12.1, 24.49, and 56.7. I would never have excelled the way I have without Sean. I remember at the last meet of my junior year, I was running the 100 and 200. I knew this would be my last meet of the season, and I wanted to go out with a bang. I was extremely nervous to race, but before each of my races Sean pulled me aside and talked me through exactly how to run the race and helped calm me down. As a result of his training, I was able to run 2 state record times that day. During meets and practices, he was right with me every step of the way, pushing me to my limits, and I will always be so thankful to Sean for impacting my life in so many ways. 

-Brilee Pontius (Westlake High 20)

Coach Sean Maye is a difference-maker. He makes good athletes great and makes great athletes champions.


Both of our daughters have been trained by Coach Maye. Amy, our oldest daughter, was a two-sport (track and soccer) athlete in high school. She first competed at the high school level in track as a sophomore. During track season that year, she was participating in club soccer and high school track. She was very disappointed at the region meet when she just missed qualifying for the state championship meet in the sprints and long jump – only by a place or two.


Amy was determined to qualify for state during her junior year. She made the difficult decision to quit playing club soccer in the spring, allowing her to focus on track. (She still played high school soccer in the fall. After soccer season ended, she took a couple of weeks to recover and then turned her attention to track.) At the BYU Indoor Invitational Meet in January it was plain to see that all of the winning sprinters were from a club called Gold Medal Athletics (GMA). We found the GMA website, contacted Coach Maye and Amy started training with him.


During her junior year, Amy not only qualified for state, she placed 2nd in the 100 meter, 3rd in the 200 meter and 4th in the long jump. During her senior year, she was the state champion in the 100 meter and 200 meter and placed 3rd in the long jump. Thanks to Coach Maye and to Amy’s hard work and dedication, she was also awarded a track scholarship at a D-1 university.


Sarah, our youngest daughter, started with GMA during her freshman year. She followed the same pattern as Amy, playing high school soccer and then shifting her attention to track. After Amy’s success, we knew that Coach Maye would also maximize Sarah’s abilities. We were slightly concerned that Sarah might be too young to focus on track. However, because Amy loved her GMA experience (including practices), we decided to give it a go.


During Sarah’s first race at the BYU Indoor Invitational Meet, she broke Amy’s school record in the 60-meter and took 2nd place in the finals – as a freshman! In her first race of the outdoor season, she broke the school record in the 100 meter. Later that week, Sarah placed 1st in both the 100 meter and 200 meter at the Snow Canyon Invitational Meet.


Unfortunately, after only two outdoor meets all of the high school spring sports were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will never know if Sarah would have kept the 100 meter and 200 meter state championships in the family. However, during the abbreviated outdoor season, Sarah’s time in the 100 meter was the 8th fastest time in the nation for a freshman and her time in the 200 meter was the 4th fastest for a freshman. Based on her performances she was named the top female freshman of the year by MileSplit Utah.


Coach Sean Maye and the Gold Medal Athletics Track Club experience he provides makes a difference. Why? First, because coaching matters. Sean’s individualized approach helps runners achieve their highest level of fitness and optimal form – peaking when it matters. Second, training with and competing against the fastest runners in the state at practice 2-3 times a week maximizes training sessions and boosts confidence. Third, Coach Maye creates a positive atmosphere for the athletes and their families. Everyone loves Coach Maye and the GMA experience!

 -Jim and Jenny Ballard 2020 (Lehi High)

“Our son Garen, started training with Sean Maye and Gold Medal Athletics in 2015 when he was a Junior in High School. He had a passion for running, a desire to progress and obtain the goals he had set for himself. Within a short time at GMA, we could already see improvement and great potential for progress. He went from running 11.60 100M in his Sophomore year to 11.30 in his Junior year, then to a 10.92 in his Senior year.


Sean has this ability to connect with the kids and we could see that right away with our son. He knew how to encourage Garen and helped him recognize just how obtainable his goals really were and to see his overall potential without ever tearing him down. Sean really loves the kids he works with and wants to see them succeed, in track and in life.


Garen suffered a hamstring injury his senior year at the BYU indoor and Sean was able to set up a plan along with his physical therapist to keep him training so he would be ready for the outdoor season. The knowledge and experience Sean has is remarkable. Even after his injury Garen went from ranking in the top “100” in his events to top “10” and became a State Champion in the 100M & 200M his senior year.


Sean has been an amazing influence and we will be forever grateful for the huge difference he has made in our son’s life. He is flat out the best sprint coach in the state! We would recommend him to anyone!”

-Gary and Laura Earley (Murray High)

What a difference proper training makes! We always knew Dallin was fast but to become a state champion it takes more than talent.  Through his involvement with Gold Medal Athletics and Sean, Dallin learned about proper nutrition for his body type and training practices such as the proper way to warm up his muscles to prevent injury.  Dallin was nervous at first attending practices but he quickly found the team to be supportive and positive. Only the kids that really want to improve come, so practices are very productive. He quickly found that consistently running against good competition improved his own skills.  To run fast you have to…. run fast. When you run with Sean, you are surrounded by such good competition that you have to run fast at practice. Sean can help a young athlete move to the next level by watching a race and giving immediate feedback on how to improve. He can also guide your track season by recommending the races and practices that will help an athlete peak at the right time. Because of the training Sean offered, Dallin was able to accomplish more than he ever imagined, but Sean was able to see his potential from the start.    


Though Sean is very talented at training his athletes physically, one of his greatest talents is preparing his athletes mentally. His rapport with his athletes is remarkable.  He has a way of helping them feel accomplished but always encouraging them to achieve. Dallin walks away from every practice excited. Sean inspires his athletes and then proceeds to build their strength through deliberate and intentional practice.  Sean was always so positive with Dallin. You're going to have “bad” days or races. Sean can give the right motivation and recommendations to overcome plateaus and rough times.


During his time with Sean, Dallin’s times steadily decreased. His freshman year he took 4th at state running an 11.47; his senior year he took first and ran 10.53.  He finished his high school career running 10.49 at the USATF Junior Olympic Championships. His 200 times show similar improvements. He ran a 23.79 his freshman year and by the time he was a senior, he was running 20.96.  He has taken state championships in the 100m, 200m and the 400m as well as been involved in key meets such as Simplot, Arcadia, New Balance Indoor Nationals, and other USATF meets that have allowed him to run against the very best. All of these opportunities have come because of Dallin’s training with Sean.  Our son's experience with Sean and Gold Medal Athletics will impact him for a lifetime, and we feel extremely blessed to have been led to such an amazing coach.

-Lisa Draper (Delta High)

“Sean has been not only my mentor but one of my greatest friends and inspirations for 3 years. I started out as a mediocre freshman and finished with the top 400 in the state for the 2015 season and also seventh all time from Utah. He is the perfect coach for preparing you for the collegiate level.

Dallin started the summer after my freshman year and my times at that point were:

400: 52.17
200: 23.89

After a year of training I dropped time huge.

400: 49.38
200: 22.71

Again I dropped some good time my junior year.

400: 48.43
200: 21.88

And again my senior year.

400: 47.63
200: 21.6

Through his physical demanding training, mental toughness, and dedication to his athletes, Sean has created a club team that could rival most across the board nationally. We had 2 people ranked nationally as elites. Me (Nick Ashby) and Chase Heiner. If you want to be the best in high school and still do well in college you train with Sean Period.”

-Nick Ashby (Orem High)

"Sean Maye has been an essential part in the training and development of my son, Jeff. For five years Sean trained Jeff and helped him develop his skills and talents. During that time, Jeff won numerous state titles and regional awards. Through his high school years, Sean was an influential part of Jeff becoming a two time state champion and a high school all-American. Through Jeff's hard work and Sean's tutelage, Jeff was able to get a full ride scholarship in track and field to Boise State University. The -time and money that was spent in training Jeff and helping him hone his skills was more than rewarded when He signed his National letter of intent to attend college. Sean has been a major reason Jeff developed as he did. Thanks Sean. It has been a great ride and we look forward to the continued success of one of your athletes." 

-Greg Daw 2009 (Skyline High)

"Sean worked with my son Andy for four years, starting in the 9th grade through high school graduation and even into college.  Not only is he a fantastic coach to greatly increase speed, track skills, and execution, Sean has also been an excellent example and friend.  His personal attention and dedication to Andy has made all the difference, both on and off the track. He created personalized warm-up routines that were just what Andy needed.  Sean is an amazing blend of motivator and realist. He always saw Andy’s potential, and pushed him to achieve. He helped Andy see that anything was possible with focus, commitment and preparation.  Through successes and setbacks, victories and injuries, Sean always had an expert plan for each circumstance."

Sean’s results for Andy speak for themselves.

-Ranked #8 indoor nationally 400m
-Ranked #19 outdoor nationally 400m

-Al Rounds (Skyline High)

"Our daughter McKenna began running with Sean in 2013 when she was a Freshman in High school. At that time she was running about a 65 second 400m and had the desire to improve. Sean was able to pick up on her potential and encourage her to train hard.  He put together a training plan for indoor track and outdoor track working her in a very progressive manner. This allowed her to train hard but stay on top of recovery and injury prevention. By State Track 2014 my daughter was able to run a 57.50 400m and place third at state. Sean is very easy to work with and has the knowledge and experience to help any runner willing to work hard see great improvement.  He understands fueling systems and adaptations systems within the body so that he can train individuals to be their best. He knows when to push them hard and when to have them take recovery time. He teaches them how to care for their bodies talking with them about various things from fueling, hydration and muscle repair. He is also very encouraging and positive and creative with his workouts. This keeps the athletes interested and engaged in their training.  If you are looking for a coach who cares about you as an athlete and takes a huge interest in your success we would highly recommend Sean Maye."
-Dave and Lisa Neyman (Timpview High)

“Let me tell you, looking back at where I started and seeing where I am now, it seems impossible. To be honest it felt impossible. Winning state wasn't just a walk in the park, and it wasn't winning every meet or getting the best times the whole season. It was starting from ground zero (mentally and physically) and slowly building myself up day by day. The first three months I was training with Sean I was weak, made a lot of dumb excuses to not run, and was incapable of ever finishing a workout. The only reason I felt like that was because I didn't have a strong mind. I may have had strong and powerful legs, but being naturally talented wasn't going to get me anywhere if I wasn't willing to do the work.


Throughout the season Sean pushed me to my limits, both mentally and physically. There were so many times I cried during (and after) practice because I felt my efforts weren't being paid off and that I would never reach my goals.

Every single day of outdoor and indoor (pre-season practice) I was in the back of the group. Let me tell you, it hurt a little bit that I was trying my hardest but still not being the first person to pass the finish line during practice. I will be eternally grateful that Sean saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. I will always be grateful that nobody on our little team ever gave up on me when I was complaining, or constantly coming in last. As I eventually pushed past my limits I saw improvement. When the end of the 2015 track season came I had overcome not only Sean's torturous workouts, but I had overcome my doubts. As I was standing behind my blocks for the 100m finals at state, my mind was clear and I felt ready to run. Win or lose I was going to beat myself once and for all; and thankfully, I did. The thing about comebacks is they can happen to any of us. They're not a sacred gift reserved for the chosen few. No, comebacks are really just a measurement of who has the most guts and who refuses to be broken.”

-Paige Rasmussen (Orem High)
4A State 100 Meter Champion

Our daughter Brinn started training with Sean and Gold Medal Athletics in 2015 right after her sophomore year in high school.  Brinn had goals to continue to improve, and to be able to get a scholarship to continue her running in college. Sean exceeded all of our expectations in helping her accomplish these goals.  Brinn has always worked hard, but Sean was able to focus that hard work and effort to help her accomplish her goals.

"Brinn was nervous at first, but the team really helped her feel welcome, and Sean immediately started challenging her and helping her improve.  She went from running:

100M in 12.63

200M in 26.20

400M in 1:00.23


100M in 12.25

200M in 24.64

400M in 55.55

Along with speed, Sean helped Brinn develop mentally.  Sean does an amazing job of working with runners and instilling in them the confidence they need to be successful.  One specific example of this was as Brinn prepared for the state championship in the 100M as a senior. Sean had taught her to visualize the race both from a perspective of leading the whole race, and needing to come from behind.  Sure enough, as the race started, Brinn had a poor start and found herself behind the pack. However, she had the confidence from her visualization to run her race and was able to overcome her slow start and win.


All of this paid off her senior year.  With Sean’s coaching Brinn was able to win the State Championship in 3 Events:

100M 12.41

200M 24.64

400M 55.95

Not only that she also accomplished her goal of having a scholarship to run in college.

Running for GMA and Sean has transformed Brinn as a runner both physically and mentally.  Being able to run with several of the fastest runners in the state each week challenged her and helped her improve.  Sean is an amazing track coach and I am thankful Brinn was able to run with Gold Medal Athletics. If you are looking for someone to help your child improve in track, if you are looking for that mental edge, if you are looking for a supportive team of friends, try Gold Medal Athletics"

-Kevin & Shana Jensen (Skyridge High)

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