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Our Mission


The mission of Gold Medal Athletics is to help motivate and develop young athletes to become their very best.  They will develop the speed, power, and mental toughness to rise to the top.


Our Approach


The success of GMA athletes can be traced back to our Total Athlete approach, which has been refined, tested and proven over the past decade. At the core, every athlete’s program is designed to improve mechanics and strength to reach top speed. But that’s not enough. The GMA program addresses all aspects of training on and off the track. Athletes learn proper nutrition, mental toughness, race strategy, and effective recovery. Our methodology has resulted in year-after-year of increased state titles and state records.  GMA athletes have a greater advantage to move to the collegiate level. 


GMA provides in-season and off-season training programs, shape/form analysis, nutrition assessments, remote coaching, mental training, and injury prevention programs.

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