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1Q. What credentials does GMA have?

1A. Since 2005 GMA has coached 69 state champions and numerous runner ups and 19 state indoor/outdoor state records. 


2Q. What year did you get it off the ground?

2A. 2010


3Q. How did Gold Medal Athletics come to be?
After being retired from professional track from Team Nike, I coached a few kids to win State and I realized then what I wanted to do. 


4Q. How have you had so much success over the years with your club?

4A.  I assembled the best training group in the state year after year.  It creates a perfect environment for training synergy. 


5Q. Do you have kids from all over Utah or mostly in the Salt Lake Metro area?

5A. We currently have kids in most area's including Davis and Weber County. 


6Q. What is your target age you coach?

6A. 7th- 12th grade. For special occasions, I train post-High School and return Missionary’s back into shape. 


7Q. How many kids do you allow on your team a year? What’s the criteria to be selected?

7A. I have a limited clientele per year that is based on talent level and future talent level.  The criteria is showing consistent improvement during track season and willingness to work hard. 


8Q. Have you coached national ranked kids from Utah?

8A. Yes, every year I have kids who are Nationally ranked from freshman to seniors and relay teams. 


9Q. What is the average number of kids a year getting scholarships? 

9A. I average 6-10 kids a year receiving scholarships running at College level


10Q. When is the best time to start the team?

10A. I train kids year-round to reach their goals.


11Q. What’s the benefits of summer workouts?

11A. To gain an advantage for next year. 

12Q. How long is your typical workout? How many times a week or month do you meet

12A. I meet with my kids 8-10 times a month (Monday's, Wednesday's). 

13Q. What are the most misconceptions of running for a club?

13A. The misconception is that we train harder and burn them out but we train smarter and more efficiently which to us over the years have proven to produce results throughout the year.

14Q. Do you believe in peaking? Can Sprinters run fast all year? 

14A. I believe if you train correctly you can run throughout the whole year. 

15Q. What can parents and athletes do at home that will help their athletes progress?

15A. Have your athletes study track videos, maintain a healthy diet, vitamins, stress levels, and mental health but mostly study their craft. 

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