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"GMA wants to provide a viable method for increasing high school athletes", college athletes to reach the pros, and professional athletes to reach the highest skill level possible through our state-of-the-art training design and training methods. GMA's success comes from the success of our athletes."



Our daughter Brinn started training with Sean and Gold Medal athletics in 2015 right after her sophomore year in high school.  Brinn had goals to continue to improve, and to be able to get a scholarship to continue her running in college.  Sean exceeded all of our expectations in helping her accomplish these goals.  Brinn has always worked hard, but Sean was able to focus that hard work and effort to help her accomplish her goals.

Brinn was nervous at first, but the team really helped her feel welcome, and Sean immediately started challenging her and helping her improve.  She went from running 12.63 in the 100M, 26.20 in the 200M and 1:00.23 in 400M to 12.25 in 100M, 24.64 in 200M, and 55.55 in 400M.  On top of that as a senior, she was the state champion in the 100M, 200M, and 400M.

Along with speed, Sean helped Brinn develop mentally.  Sean does an amazing job of working with runners and instilling in them the confidence they need to be successful.  One specific example of this was as Brinn prepared for the state championship in the 100M as a senior.  Sean had taught her to visualize the race both from a perspective of leading the whole race, and needing to come from behind.  Sure enough as the race started, Brinn had a poor start and found herself behind the pack.  However, she had the confidence from her visualization to run her race and was able to overcome her slow start and win.

Running for GMA and Sean has transformed Brinn as a runner both physically and mentally.  Being able to run with several of the fastest runners in the state each week challenged her and helped her improve.  Sean is an amazing track coach and I am thankful Brinn was able to run with Gold Medal Athletics.  If you are looking for someone to help your child improve in track, if you are looking for that mental edge, if you are looking for a supportive team of friends, try Gold Medal Athletics.

Kevin & Shana Jensen

What a difference proper training makes! Dallin had always been a baseball player until the high school track coach asked him to just come and run at a Saturday meet to see how he would do.  He did great and qualified for the state meet his first time out.  Unfortunately, he also tore his hip flexor and couldn't run again until the region meet.  Dallin did the best he could and took 1st at region and then 4th at state that year. A friend recommended Sean to us.  Dallin went a couple of times over the summer and learned a lot about nutrition for his body type and the proper way to warm up his muscles to prevent further injury.  This knowledge carried Dallin though a successful football season and led us back to Sean that winter.  Dallin started training more seriously with Sean and won the BYU Indoor Invitational as a sophomore!  After just a couple more weeks with Sean he won the UHSTCA Indoor meet with a time of 6.99.  After such and improvement, we were committed.

After a year of training with Sean, Dallin has improved his time in the  60m race from an 7.14 to 6.84.  Even more impressive, his 100m time has gone from a 11.42 to a 10.68.  Much of this improvement has come because of the work Sean has done with Dallin on blocks and drive phase.   

Because of the work they have done on timing and pacing, Dallin's times have also improved significantly in the 200m. As a freshman Dallin ran a 23.79.  Now after training with Sean he is beginning his junior year running a 21.6.  

Though Sean is very talented at training his athletes physically, one of his greatest talents is preparing them mentally. His rapport with his athletes is remarkable.  He has a way of helping them feel accomplished but always encouraging them to achieve. Dallin walks away from every practice excited. Sean inspires his athletes and then proceeds to build their strength through deliberate and intentional pratice. Our son's experience wih Sean and Gold Medal Atheleics will impact him for a lifetime, and we feel extremely blessed to have been led to such an amazing coach. 

Lisa Draper

Our son Garen, started training with Sean Maye and Gold Medal athletics in 2015 when he was a Junior in high school. He had a passion for running, a desire to progress and obtain the goals he had set for himself. Within a short time at GMA, we could already see improvement and great potential for progress. He went from running 11.60 100M in his Sophomore year to 11.30 in his Junior year, then to a 10.92 in his Senior year.

Sean has this ability to connect with the kids and we could see that right away with our son. He knew how to encourage Garen and helped him recognize just how obtainable his goals really were and to see his overall potential without ever tearing him down. Sean really loves the kids he works with and wants to see them succeed, in track and in life.

Garen suffered a hamstring injury his senior year at the BYU indoor and Sean was able to set up a plan along with his physical therapist to keep him training so he would be ready for the outdoor season. The knowledge and experience Sean has is remarkable. Even after his injury Garen went from ranking in the top “100” in his events to top “10” and became a State Champion in the 100M & 200M his senior year.

Sean has been an amazing influence and we will be forever grateful for the huge difference he has made in our son’s life. He is flat out the best sprint coach in the state! We would recommend him to anyone! 

Gary and Laura Earley



I started my senior year in the middle of November with Sean Maye. It was the first time that I had really trained for track. We had very intense high quality work out. He knew when to push us and when to back off a little bit so that we didn’t get hurt. He listened to us every time we had a problem with anything. He loves to be the best, but the real reason why he coaches, is because he loves to see his kids be the best. 

I had confidence that he would help me improve. I trusted Sean from the very first time I met him. The first time I met him was when I was a junior running at our region meet. He knew exactly what I had been doing wrong in my 400m.  After fifteen minutes of talking to him, I ran my race, it was prelims, and I almost broke my personal record. It was a cold day and I didn’t have anyone to race against but he helped me drop nearly a second off of my previous 400m just from his knowledge about how to run the race. 

There’s a reason why our Gold Medal Athletic team had multiple athletes finish 1st place at the State Championships. Sean not only trained us hard and smart but he also gave us confidence. Sean never once was negative to us, and he always did what he though what best for us. He cheers louder then anyone in the crowd for every single one of his runners, and he breaks down each race to help us improve. 

After my junior year I took 6th in the 100m, and 200m at state. I also took 4th in the 400m. I was ranked around 15th over in the state for my three events. 

After my senior year I took 1st in the 200m, and the 400m at state. I also had the 2nd fastest time in Utah going into state in the 100m. I won the 60m, and 200m at the Indoor State Championships. I was ranked number 1 all through out Utah in the 200m and 400m.  I broke the indoor state record in the 200m, and the outdoor 200m state record. I was named the Utah Male Track & Field Gatorade Athlete of the year as well. 

Sean took everything to the next level and I’m truly grateful for him and all that he has taught me. There is no way that I would have been able to do any of that with out the help of Sean.

If you want to get faster, there is no one better then Sean Maye in all of Utah.


Chase Heiner /Provo High

4A State 200/400 Meter Champion

200 m State Record Holder

Let me tell you, looking back at where I started and seeing where I am now, it seems impossible. To be honest it felt impossible. Winning state wasn't just a walk in the park, and it wasn't winning every meet or getting the best times the whole season. It was starting from ground zero (mentally and physically) and slowly building myself up day by day. The first three months I was training with Sean I was weak, made a lot of dumb excuses to not run, and was incapable of ever finishing a workout. The only reason I felt like that was because I didn't have a strong mind. I may have had strong and powerful legs, but being naturally talented wasn't going to get me anywhere if I wasn't willing to do the work. Throughout the season Sean pushed me to my limits, both mentally and physically. There were so many times I cried during (and after) practice because I felt my efforts weren't being payed off and that I would never reach my goals.

Every single day of outdoor and indoor (pre-season practice) I was in the back of the group. Let me tell you, it hurt a little bit that I was trying my hardest but still not being the first person to pass the finish line during practice. I will be eternally grateful that Sean saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. I will always be grateful that nobody on our little team ever gave up on me when I was complaining, or constantly coming in last. As I eventually pushed past my limits I saw improvement. When the end of the 2015 track season came I had overcome not only Sean's torturous workouts, but I had overcome my doubts. As I was standing behind my blocks for the 100m finals at state, my mind was clear and I felt ready to run. Win or lose I was going to beat myself once and for all; and thankfully, I did. The thing about comebacks is they can happen to any of us. They're not a sacred gift reserved for the chosen few. No, comebacks are really just a measurement of who has the most guts and who refuses to be broken.

Paige Rasmussen /Orem High

4A State 100 Meter Champion

Sean has been not only my mentor but one of my greatest friends and inspirations for 3 years. I started out as a mediocre freshman and finished with the top 400 in the state for the 2015 season and also seventh all time from Utah. He is the perfect coach for preparing you for the collegiate level.

I started the summer after my freshman year and my times at that point were:

400: 52.17

200: 23.89

After a year of training I dropped time huge.

400: 49.38

200: 22.71

Again I dropped some good time my junior year.

400: 48.43

200: 21.88

And again my senior year.

400: 47.63

200: 21.6

Through his physical demanding training, mental toughness, and dedication to his athletes, Sean has created a club team that could rival most across the board nationally.

We had 2 people ranked nationally as elites. Me (Nick Ashby) and Chase Heiner.

If you want to be the best in high school and still do well in college you train with Sean Period.

Nick Ashby /Orem High

What a fun and incredible ride it has been with Sean Maye the past two track seasons. We contacted Sean after our son, Nick Ashby’s, freshman year. Nick had just competed at State and was running a 52.2 400M.  Sean started working with Nick on his form and style and after a few months of hard work Nick placed 2nd at State his sophomore year with a 49.3 400M.  That wasn’t the end of the journey and through hard work, incredible coaching and training, Nick came back to run a 48.4 400M his junior year.  Sean has the ability to help Nick see that he still has not reached his potential and they together are planning a program for Nick of hard work and strategy for his senior year’s season at Orem High.  Nick has high hopes and goals for this season and with Sean’s experience and knowledge, I can’t wait to see the returns. Sean has become not only a coach/trainer for Nick but trusted friend to our family.

 Kris and Kim Ashby


"Our daughter McKenna began running with Sean in 2013 when she was a Freshman in High school. At that time she was running about a 65 second 400m and had the desire to improve. Sean was able to pick up on her potential and encourage her to train hard.  He put together a training plan for indoor track and outdoor track working her in a very progressive manner. This allowed her to train hard but stay on top of recovery and injury prevention. By State Track 2014 my daughter was able to run a 57.50  400m and place third at state. Sean is very easy to work with and has the knowledge and experience to help any runner willing to work hard see great improvement.  He understands fueling systems and adaptations systems within the body so that he can train individuals to be their best. He knows when to push them hard and when to have them take recovery time. He teaches them how to care for their bodies talking with them about various things from fueling, hydration and muscle repair He is also very encouraging and positive and creative with his workouts.  This keeps the athletes interested and engaged in their training.  If you are looking for a coach who cares about you as an athlete and takes a huge interest in your success we would highly recommend Sean Maye." Dave and Lisa Neyman


"Sean Maye is a great coach who knows what it takes to improve a runner's performance.  During the seven months he worked with my son Tyler's times improved drastically!  But more importantly, he provided Tyler with motivation and understanding of what needed to be done to reach his goals.  Since working with Sean, Tyler was able to drop 1.5 seconds from his time in the 400m  and improved his time in the 100m/200m by nearly a full second!! My son got stronger, faster, and gained confidence in his natural ability.  Tyler is the Utah State Leader in the 100m for 2012 with a time of 10.71! Tyler was able to earn a scholarship to UVU next year. I am grateful for Sean's mentoring and coaching and the difference it made in my son's life.  " Mauna Liddiard



100m-11.45 100m-10.71
200m-22.87 200m-22.04
400m-49.79 400m-48.36



"Sean Maye has been an essential part in the training and development of my son, Jeff. For five years Sean trained Jeff and helped him develop his skills and talents. During that time, Jeff won numerous state titles and regional awards. Through his high school years, Sean was an influential part of Jeff becoming a two time state champion and a high school all-American. Through Jeff's hard work and Sean's tutelage, Jeff was able to get a full ride scholarship in track and field to Boise State University. The time and money that was spent in training Jeff and helping him hone his skills was more than rewarded when He signed his National letter of intent to attend college. Sean has been a major reason Jeff developed as he did. Thanks Sean. It has been a great ride and we look forward to the continued success of one of your athletes." Greg Daw 2009

"Sean worked with my son Andy for four years, starting in the 9th grade through high school graduation and even into college.  Not only is he a fantastic coach to greatly increase speed, track skills, and execution, Sean has also been an excellent example and friend.  His personal attention and dedication to Andy has made all the difference, both on and off the track.  He created personalized warm-up routines that were just what Andy needed.  Sean is an amazing blend of motivator and realist.  He always saw Andy’s potential, and pushed him to achieve.  He helped Andy see that anything was possible with focus, commitment and preparation.  Through successes and setbacks, victories and injuries, Sean always had an expert plan for each circumstance."

Sean’s results for Andy speak for themselves.

         Ranked #8 indoor nationally 400m

         Ranked #19 outdoor nationally 400m

         Ranked #3 all-time outdoor in Utah 400m

         Ranked #1 all-time indoor  in Utah 400m

AL Rounds 2011

"Sean Maye is the most talented and involved coach that I have been able to work with. I liked that Sean ran with me during practice, pushing me to the limits. At the same time he was motivational and made being at practice a joy rather than a task. He taught me the phases of training and took the time to explain why each phase was important. Sean did more than improve my running times, he taught me how to prepare physically and mentally for a race. In Sean's program I also learned the technical side of running and was able to improve my running form. After training with Sean for a year I know that there is still things to be learned from him." Megan Baird

"Sean has been a tremendous asset in the development of Daniel's running abilities. He has successfully corrected major flaws in Daniel's running form which makes him run much more efficiently. Additionally, Daniel has learned the extremely important ability to run at a specified pace. Whether it's the first 200 of a 400, or the first 400 of an 800, Daniel can set a pace and hit it within a half second every time out.

"Another major benefit of Daniel training with Sean is that Sean runs along with him. In doing so, Sean can help with pace setting, provide real time correction of breathing, running form, stride length, etc. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone who wants to take their natural abilities and refine them to their highest level possible." Mr. Hutson

"I worked with Sean for about 4 weeks this summer before football started to really pick up. In that time my 40m dash went from a low 4.6 to a legit 4.4. It was unbelievable how much speed I picked up just in those few weeks.

Sean is so eager and excited to train young athletes and that is what made all the difference. Every session we had, he was right there next to me, studying every inch of my performance and pushing me to do my best - EVERY TIME. Sean is a superior coach with a superior program, if you want to be a superior athlete this is your chance." Ben Westman

"Sean has been awesome to work with. He pushes me so hard that I wanted to give up, but the next day I feel great and just am thriving for more. He has made me see how enjoyable it is to run, when you run right. He has also made me to see anyone can run fast with the right form, if they have the will to run in the right form.  But Sean also does that. He pushes your self esteem along with your speed. I think he's the best trainer anyone could get." Brock Thompson


"After working out with Sean I can feel myself getting faster.  He taught me how to run with better form, and how to use less energy while doing so.  It was cool because many times he would be right there running with me.  The workouts taught me exactly what I needed to know as far as speed training goes and they also got me in shape so I could get faster times.  I recommend Sean to anyone who wants to maximize their running potential." Trent Griffith


"I ran with Sean all of my senior year (02-03).  I have never felt as involved with a team as I did with the Gold Medal Athletics Club.  It was a great group to run with, always encouraging me and pushed me to my limits.  I have never had a coach run with me before and with Sean by my side through the intervals was very encouraging.  With him right there I was told what I needed to work on as I was doing it, so I could fix it right there.  Sean taught us to know just how fast we were running.  He taught me how to pace myself and know exactly how hard and fast I could push myself.  I learned that I could push myself a lot harder and run a lot faster than I thought I could.  He taught me as much about myself as my race.

At the end of the year when it really counted, I tore my Meniscus.  It kept me from reaching my speed goals, but with Sean’s help, I was still able to keep my head together, heal fast and push myself regardless of my frustrations.  He never gave up on me and encouraged me to the end." Bryanna Heaton


"Sean Maye is a very Positive, and easy to work with coach. He trains you hard and pushes you to what he knows is your best potential. I've only been working with Sean for about 4 months, and that was for my first Track season. He helped me to know when to push myself the hardest in workouts, and when to start making my moves in the track meets. Thanks to him he helped me drop my mile time from a 4:37 to a 4:30 at state in which I took 11th. Also my 800m time from  a 2:10 to a 2:00 flat. I appreciate all Sean has done for me and I Highly recommend Sean Maye as a terrific coach."  Jorgan Jacobsen


Last year my 13 year old son Jeff, began working with Sean to better prepare himself for the upcoming USATF state track meet. At that time his times were very good for the state events but we knew they would have to be about 1.5 to 2 seconds faster to stand a chance of moving on to region and nationals. Through six weeks of training with Sean, Jeff was able to lower his time by over 2 seconds. Sean taught him how to attack a race. Sean's techniques helped bring out more speed in Jeff than he had ever achieved. We are looking forward to many more years of improvement and development under Sean's direction. R. Gregg Daw (Proud father of Jeff Daw, 2004 Utah State champion 400 meters. 13year old division)



 State Records

60m IND

Dalin Draper

6.84 (2017)

*State Record*


Dallin Draper

10.69 (2017)

*State Record*


Dallin Draper

21.53 (2017)

*State Record*


Chase Heiner

21.35 (2015)

*State Record*

200m IND

Chase Heiner

21.80 (2015)

*State Record*

400m IND

Andy Rounds

48.22 (2011)

*State Record*


Lauren Baxster

 54.45 (2013)

*State Record*


Dan Hutson 

151.79 (2004) 

*State Record*


GMA All-Time



Dallin Draper

10.68 (2017)


Brinn Jensen

12.25 (2016)


Andy Rounds

47.23 (2011) 

Brinn Jensen

 55.55 (2017)

Paige Young

 43.87 (2017)


Chase Heiner

21.35 (2015)


Brinn Jensen

24.64 (2017)


Dan Hutson 

151.79 (2004) 

State champs\Runnerups

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