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Speed And Conditioning Programs (September 1st to March 1st)(Summer Workouts start June 6th)


Our goal here at Gold Medal Athletics is to maximize your talents and abilities by creating stronger quicker you. Speed and Improved Endurance can be enhanced by approximately 40% through proper coaching, technical supervision, and training. With our programs you should see amazing improvements these areas. This program is geared toward any one serious about improving their times from the 100 meters all the way up to the mile.

These programs are geared toward the level of track/football/baseball/soccer you are now currently participating in:


1. Junior high / High school Level
2. High school / College level
3. Team programs available upon request

Programs Highlights

1. Improve Speed
Improve Explosion
Improve Strength
Improve Agility
Improve Endurance / Speed Endurance
Stride frequency
Improve Stride length
Improve flexibility
Improve Mental Preparation / race pace/ strategy
Improve sprinting technique and form


"Sean has been a tremendous asset in the development of Daniel's running abilities. He has successfully corrected major flaws in Daniel's running form which makes him run much more efficiently. Additionally, Daniel has learned the extremely important ability to run at a specified pace. Whether it's the first 200 of a 400, or the first 400 of an 800, Daniel can set a pace and hit it within a half second every time out.

"Another major benefit of Daniel training with Sean is that Sean runs along with him. In doing so, Sean can help with pace setting, provide real time correction of breathing, running form, stride length, etc. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone who wants to take their natural abilities and refine them to their highest level possible." Mr. Hutson



Speed and Power Program (June 6th to August 15st By Appointment )


Every second counts and every move is critical in the game of football. You need explosive speed, intricate footwork, and the strength to hold off or break through the opponent. It has been shown that to improve speed each athlete needs to work on acceleration, starting ability, stride rate, speed endurance, and stride length. No matter what position you play, the GMA training Program can help take your game to the next level and give you the edge over your competition. Athletes in both high school and college that have used this program are recording impressive improvements in their 40-yard dash times and ultimately in their game.


Program Highlights:


1. Improve raw speed (Fly Phase)
Improve power and strength (Drive phase)
Improve endurance / speed endurance (Never get run down from behind!)
Become more explosive off the line (First step speed)
Improve flexibility
7. Improve change of direction speed and quickness
8. Improve sprinting technique and form


"I worked with Sean for about 4 weeks this summer (2003) before football started to really pick up. In that time my 40m dash went from a low 4.6 to a legit 4.4. It was unbelievable how much speed I picked up just in those few weeks.

Sean is so eager and excited to train young athletes and that is what made all the difference. Every session we had, he was right there next to me, studying every inch of my performance and pushing me to do my best - EVERY TIME. Sean is a superior coach with a superior program, if you want to be a superior athlete this is your chance." Ben Westman"



Speed and Power Program starts Monday June 6th





Weight Loss / Toning Program  (By request)



We do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness. Our qualified fitness professional can tailor each program to a particular need or sport.  If you feel it is time to get serious about your health, you've come to the right place.





Targeted Exercises: 


1.Swiss Ball Workouts

2.Running / Conditioning

3.Toning Workouts

4.Circuit Training

5.Proper Stretching Techniques

6.Sample Diet Information


Scenario #1:

Tom G. walks on a treadmill for 50 minutes at a low intensity (about 3.5 MPH). He uses about 75% of his calories from fats and 25% from sugars over the whole 50 minutes.

Scenario #2:

Suzy Q. runs sprints on an oval track, alternating between running 100 yards and walking 100 yards. She does this for 15 minutes. She uses almost all her energy from stored glycogen and the rest from available blood phosphagens and blood sugars.

Guess what? Suzy Q. burns the most calories from fat, not while she is exercising, but over a 24-hour period! :) wow

This is because the absolute number of calories burned is higher for Suzy Q. than for Tom G. Suzie also has a much greater deficit of calories due to a higher metabolic after-burn from the form of exercise. While Tom burned some calories while on the treadmill, his intensity was too low to stoke his metabolism for the rest of the day. So, in essence, when he stopped exercising, so did the fat burning, while some hours later, Suzy is still feeling the effects of her sprints via a higher metabolic rate and increased thermogenesis. But perhaps even more importantly, Susie Q. is adding lean (muscle) tissue to her glutes, quads, calves, low back and hamstrings. Because muscle has a higher metabolic requirement, she will start burning more calories at rest just to help sustain this newly added muscle over 24-hour period. And most of our lives are spent at rest, unless we are Lance Armstrong.




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